Generic Tadalafil – Your Weekend Warrior Pill

Erectile dysfunction is not a new problem among the male population as most men, especially the older ones, have suffered it today. The condition is just so depressing if both partners are sexually active. Thanks to the discovery of PDE5 pills, there is a way that you can overcome the symptoms and still move on to your active sexual life. Among the best PDE5 drugs recommended by medical professionals is generic tadalafil. Thus if you think you have suffered ED today, do not lose hope and start using generic tadalafil to keep your sexual life active.

The very thing that made generic tadalafil a popular choice is that the drug offers up to 36 effective duration, a very ideal option for couples who want to enjoy their weekends together after a week of work. No wonder generic tadalafil was known as the weekend warrior pill since it can keep your active sexual life at the peak during the weekends. This is the main perk that generic tadalafil offers as compared to its competitor drugs that can only offer 4-10 hours. So if you are the type of man who wants longer outcomes in a pill, then you should try generic tadalafil to treat ED and enjoy the whole weekend with your partner.

As a PDE5 inhibitor medication, generic tadalafil works by inhibiting enzymes that have caused the penis from getting a hard on. With generic tadalafil more blood flow is supplied towards the penile region so that the normal erection can be attained. Moreover, generic tadalafil is also ideal for those who have suffered physical problems that has led them to ED. However you are not advised to take generic tadalafil if you have been suffering a health condition that prevents you from engaging in sexual activities. Thus before you start using generic tadalafil, we recommend that you ask approval first from your doctor.

So why generic tadalafil? Is there a brand version of generic tadalafil? Certainly there is, and it is known as Cialis. However generic tadalafil is also made available so that all men can have the opportunity to treat their ED even those who have budget problems. A drug to treat erectile dysfunction need not to be too expensive, which is the case for branded drugs, since they are equivalent with their generic versions. In the case of generic tadalafil, you are assured that you will enjoy the same benefits you can get from Cialis.

To buy generic tadalafil, you can simply go to nearby drug stores, or go online. Today there are hundreds of drugstores over the internet that offer generic tadalafil. Choose a store that will provide you generic tadalafil at a good price, without compromising the quality of the drug. If you type generic tadalafil in google, you will find lots of links but not all of them might be true to what they say. Choose only a reliable store that sells generic tadalafil so that you will get the right value for your money.