Diabetes and ED

How to Conquer Diabetes and ED Symptoms

According to studies, men with diabetes tend to develop erectile dysfunction earlier as compared to men who are not suffering diabetes. Around 75 percent of these men will have ED throughout their lifetime if they have been diagnosed with diabetes. For those above the age of 50 years, having ED associated with diabetes is more common and highly probable. The link between diabetes and ED is much clearer now with visible clinical studies. We might be all aware that in order for a man to perform and sustain erection, he must have healthy nerves and blood vessels in order to accommodate sufficient flow of blood towards the penile area. However, with diabetes, these nerves are destroyed or impaired, causing men to have no control in erection. Although it is true that some male hormones also play a role in sustaining normal erections during sexual excitement, there is a bigger chance for you to fail to perform normal erection if your nerves and blood vessels have been damaged by diabetes.

So what is the best way to deal your diabetes and ED? First and foremost, it is very important to have a regular check up with your doctor so you will know what particular medications you can take to manage your diabetes problems. You will also be asked to change your lifestyle, Continue reading